In Memory of Wrecker

February 26, 1998 to December 19, 2011

Wrecker came into our lives when Boomer was 1 year old. Always the question, he was named for Bahamian Wreckers! In deciding on a second dog, we joined efforts again. Abby chose Labrador and Bob picked black boy. We found another handsome litter in Massachusetts.

Wrecker was prematurely arthritic from an orthopedic disorder referred to as OCD and had bad elbows and hocks, but loved life and his family … and snacks! If Abby’s sister Corey (Woodhull Labradors) was breeding in those years, we would not have had Wrecker (nor have had Boomer) in our lives, and we can’t imagine that!

Wrecker was our black “noodle boy”; he wagged his tail continuously and always just went with the flow. Whereas Boomer was the “watchdog,” Wrecker was the “dog that watches.” He loved everyone and had no responsibilities. Always game for belly rubs, Wrecker would lay by the fire in winter and wallow in the water in summer. That’s where you would find our lovely Wrecky! We miss you terribly darling boy…

"See you later Wrecker!"

Bobby and Abby

(Daddy and Mommy to you sweet boy)