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Stud Terms

Our current Stud Service Agreements are posted below. We offer either a service fee arrangement with no refund or repeat if 0 or 1 live puppy, or a full fee arrangement with a repeat if 0 or 1 live puppy. Ng/ml Progesterone testing is required through at least 5.0 ng/ml. We may require cardiac clearances and brucellosis testing, and reserve the right to request such those or any other additional clearances of a bitch.

We welcome side-by-side breedings at our home in Jacksonville, Vermont when possible. Otherwise, for fresh chilled shipments, the extender covering 1 or 2 collections/shipments is $100 total. We typically use Minitube CaniPlus Chill LT, but do use other extenders from time to time. Boxes are free if returned promptly. If not returned promptly, you will be charged for replacement of our preferred boxes (Canine Express). Each shipment contains a sterile basic AI kit. Bitch owners are responsible for providing a current and valid FedEx account number so shipment charges are directed to them.

All bitches must be specifically approved by me, Abby Crosby. If I do not know you personally, in addition to certifications and health clearances presented in the Stud Service Agreements, a phone conversation may be necessary to discuss placement of puppies, etc.

As per the web pages for each boy, we post health clearances on OFA where OFA accepts them. Certifications, photos, and clearances may be requested as well.

Please feel free to email or call me with inquiries — abby@skyfarmlabradors.com or 617-417-2050. I am not on Facebook.

Note: We have limited frozen semen available for a few of our ‘Remembered’ boys. All is located at the ICSB at Central Avenue Veterinary Clinic in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Please see our Frozen Semen webpage for further information. Pricing and associated fees are NOT the same as per the Stud Service Agreements on this page.

Download the agreements here …